Talking to your child about devices at home: 

Educating a child is part of a constant partnership between the school and the family. Jenks Public Schools has provides this information for the families of our students who have received a Chromebook as a part of the 1:1 Instructional Initiative. On this page you will find resources for setting up filtering on a home network and talking to your student about cyber safety. Additional mini lessons for using many of the Chromebook apps and tools are found here. Use these resources as you best see fit. At any time, you are welcome to provide feedback by submitting a ticket here or get help troubleshooting the device by clicking here. The Blocksi extension has been pushed to all Chromebooks. We have also blocked many inappropriate sites through the Google Apps Device Management. This includes Facebook, Instagram and other social media sites. No amount of filtering can replace adult supervision. Have your child work at the kitchen counter or dining room table if you are concerned with the choices they will make when left alone with their Chromebook. You are are parent and when and how your child uses their Chromebook is up to you. Please refrain taking the device from your child during the school day, they will need it. If you need a more restrictive environment on your child’s Chromebook, contact your child’s site administrator. 

More info: Parent and Student filtering options for home.